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Our offices have now re-opened on a restricted basis and we have implemented a change to the procedures we will follow if you are attending a meeting within our offices. Please read and familiarise yourself with these new procedures, as noted below, prior to your attendance at either 109 Douglas Street, Glasgow or 35 William Street, Johnstone.

Some of our support staff continue to work from home and our switchboards remain closed, however, with the technology we have in place, there should be no disruption to our service provision. If you have any questions regarding these new procedures please contact a Director in the first instance using their contact details on this website.

We continue to collect and process post and DX in Glasgow, and post in Johnstone. In case of unforeseen disruptions to these services, please alert one of our Directors if posting or using the DX. Where possible, please consider emailing one of our Directors instead. We will continue to post, or send by DX, physical documents to you where this is necessary. Otherwise we will use email, where possible.

Please keep in touch, and please stay safe and well.

We will follow the advice from the Scottish Government that physical distancing measures are vital to protect everyone’s health. We take this advice seriously and may update these procedures as required.

    We will only undertake face to face meetings by appointment, and only once the following points have been discussed and agreed. Meetings must be postponed if any attendees have or develop symptoms of Covid.
    Punctuality and timekeeping are particularly important so please let us know if you are running late. Please do not arrive early as we can no longer offer a waiting room prior to meetings. This should avoid the need for you to wait outside.
    Only in exceptional circumstances will we agree to attend meetings outwith our offices and we will discuss these circumstances with you as required.
    When arranging meetings we will ensure there is sufficient time between them so that we are not running late and to enable us to undertake necessary cleaning.

    Our front doors will be locked and if the person you are meeting is not already at the door to greet you, please sanitise your hands using the hand sanitiser provided and ring the doorbell. Please wear a mask on arrival. Handshakes and similar physical greetings are, for now, not to be exchanged and so please do not be offended when these are not offered or are politely declined.
    Please use hand sanitiser as soon as you enter the office. The member of staff who greets you will be wearing a mask and will have sanitised their hands immediately prior to meeting you.
    You will be taken straight into a meeting room rather than being asked to wait in reception. The member of staff who greets you will open and close doors for you.

    We will keep a note of all attendees at our offices and we will ask you for a contact number in case this is needed for contact tracing purposes. We will store this information for 21 days then destroy it.

    Immediately before and after all meetings we will clean all door handles, railings, surfaces and pens etc.
    Once the meeting commences, masks may be removed provided there is at all times a 2 metre distance between each person in attendance. Our staff will be mindful of ensuring that this distance is maintained throughout the meeting and will politely enforce this.
    Throughout the meeting if you need to cough or sneeze please do so into your elbow. Paper tissues will be available.
    You may wish to bring your own pen to any meeting at which documents are to be signed. We will be happy to sanitise pens during meetings if necessary.
    Refreshments will not be provided but please feel free to bring a bottle of water with you if you think you will need to drink something during the meeting.

At the end of the meeting as you prepare to leave the meeting room, please use the hand sanitiser provided and please resume wearing your mask. The member of staff hosting your meeting will open and close all doors for you.

Our relationship with you is important to us. We are here to help. Thank you for dealing with Holmes Mackillop.
1st September 2020

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